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    Cameo Deal

    Embrace culinary excellence with our Cameo Deal. Sizes: Biryani Masala (4 x 300g) and Alfaham (1 x 300g) Free delivery
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    Beef Up Combo

    Indulge in our Beef Up Combo, a symphony of beef delights. Sizes: Beef Varattiyathu (300g) and Beef Stew (240g)
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    Veg Combo

    Explore our Veg Combo featuring a variety of vegetarian delights. Sizes: Sambar (300g), Rasam (300g), Veg Stew (240g), Gobi Manchurian (240g), Varutharacha Kadala Curry (300g), Chilli Gobi (300g), and Butter Paneer (300g) Free delivery included.
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    Chicken Combo

    Unleash a symphony of flavors with our Chicken Combo, a perfect assortment for poultry enthusiasts. Includes: Chicken Pepper Roast (240g), Chicken Curry (300g), Chicken Manchurian (240g), Chicken Stew (240g), Butter Chicken (300g), Chilli Chicken (300g), and Chicken Roast (300g) Enjoy Free Delivery!

Shaaz foods is the food industry’s #1 choice

With our ready-to-cook gravy products anyone can cook any dish. Be it authentic Malabar fish Curry or Restaurant style Butter Chicken. We make cooking as easy as making instant noodles.





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The Shaaz family commitment

Heat Sterilization not only prevents microbial growth but also enables us to make products without any chemical preservatives, artificial flavours, or MSG. Our revolutionary packaging system also ensures maximum shelf life to our products which is 24 months.

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A very special collaboration

We’ve been hard at work in the flavour studio to bring you three chart-topping custom blends that’ll guarantee you never have to wing it with your wings again

Our Best Sellers

  • Authentic Varutharacha Chicken Curry - Shaaz Foods

    Varutharacha Chicken Curry

    Indulge in the rich flavors of Kerala with Shaaz Foods' Varutharacha Chicken Curry instant gravy. Made with a blend of aromatic spices and roasted coconut, this instant gravy brings the authentic taste of Kerala to your table.
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  • Delicious Beef Varattiyathu Instant Gravy

    Beef Varattiyathu

    Experience the delightful flavors of our Beef Varattiyathu Instant Gravy by Shaaz Foods. Enjoy the rich and aromatic taste of this traditional Kerala dish made easy with our instant gravy.
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  • Delicious Malabar Fish Curry

    Malabar Fish Curry

    Experience the authentic taste of Kerala with Shaaz Foods' Malabar Fish Curry. Made with a blend of spices, tangy tamarind, and fresh fish, this instant gravy will transport you to the coastal delights of Kerala.
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  • Delicious Butter Chicken

    Butter Chicken

    Indulge in the rich and creamy flavors of Butter Chicken by Shaaz Foods. Made with tender chicken, aromatic spices, and a velvety tomato-based gravy, this North Indian dish is a culinary masterpiece.
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  • Delicious Biriyani Masala Instant Gravy

    Biriyani Masala

    Experience the aromatic flavors of our Biriyani Masala Instant Gravy by Shaaz Foods. Elevate your biriyani dishes with our authentic blend of spices and aromatic herbs.
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  • shaaz-foods-chicken-curry-instant-gravy

    Chicken Curry

    Enjoy the delightful taste of our Chicken Curry Instant Gravy by Shaaz Foods. A quick and easy way to prepare a flavorful Indian dish that will satisfy your cravings.
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  • Flavorful Chicken Roast

    Chicken Roast

    Savor the delectable Chicken Roast by Shaaz Foods. Made with tender chicken, aromatic spices, and a rich gravy, this North Indian dish is a perfect blend of flavors and textures.
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  • Delicious Chicken Alfaham Masala Paste

    Chicken Alfaham Masala

    Experience the authentic flavors of Arabian cuisine with our Chicken Alfaham Masala Paste by Shaaz Foods. Effortlessly marinate and grill for a mouthwatering delight.
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What do we offer?

A delectable array of premium spices, flavorful spice blends, and convenient ready-to-cook masalas to elevate your culinary creations.


Ready-to-cook meals offer the convenience of quick and easy preparation.


With ready-to-cook meals, you can save valuable time in the kitchen.


Ready-to-cook meals provide a wide range of culinary options.

Portion Control

Come in portioned servings, helping you manage

A New Way to Cook

Embark on a culinary adventure with Shaaz Foods. Our innovative approach to cooking transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Discover a new way to cook that goes beyond the traditional, blending flavors, spices, and techniques to elevate your dishes to new heights. Join us in redefining the art of cooking – it’s not just a meal; it’s an exploration of taste and tradition, brought to life in your kitchen with Shaaz Foods.


Where Passion Meets Quality in Every Spice Blend

Shaaz Foods is passion-driven with an unparalleled commitment to sourcing and crafting premium spice powders and ready-to-cook masalas. We meticulously select and hand-process fresh ingredients in small batches, ensuring an exceptional level of quality. Plus, we believe in making our products affordable, so you can enjoy authentic flavors without compromising on taste.


Savor the Flavor: Premium Herbs, Spices & Seasonings

At Shaaz Foods, we specialize in crafting an exquisite range of fresh herbs, spices, and seasonings. From the vibrant aroma of whole spices to the harmonious blend of carefully ground mixes, our products are designed to elevate your culinary creations. Not only do our herbs and spices enhance the taste of your dishes, but they also provide a healthful boost. Experience the perfect balance of flavor and well-being with Shaaz Foods.

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