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Beef Up Combo

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Indulge in our Beef Up Combo, a symphony of beef delights. Sizes:

Beef Varattiyathu (300g) and Beef Stew (240g)

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Discover the rich and savory world of beef with our Beef Up Combo. This thoughtfully curated selection brings together two delectable beef dishes that promise to tantalize your taste buds:

Beef Varattiyathu (300g):
Savor the robust and aromatic flavors of Kerala with our Beef Varattiyathu. Tender beef pieces are slow-cooked to perfection, infused with a blend of spices, creating a dish that’s both hearty and flavorful.

Beef Stew (240g):
Experience the warmth and comfort of our Beef Stew. Succulent beef pieces are gently simmered with an array of vegetables in a rich and fragrant broth, resulting in a dish that’s both nourishing and soul-satisfying.

As a token of our appreciation, the delivery charge is included in the Beef Up Combo. So, sit back, relax, and let us bring the essence of Kerala’s beef cuisine to your doorstep. Elevate your dining experience with Shaaz Foods, where quality meets flavor, and every bite is a journey into culinary delight.

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