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Lunch Combo Set – Free Fish Fry

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Elevate your lunch with our Lunch Bliss Combo Set! Indulge in Rasam, Sambar, Chicken Curry, and Malabar Fish Curry. Plus, enjoy a complimentary Fish Fry! A delicious feast delivered to your doorstep.

Rasam – 300gm

Sambar – 300gm

Chicken Curry – 300gm

Malabar Fish Curry – 240gm

Free Fish Fry – 100gm

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Introducing our Lunch Bliss Combo Set, a curated selection that transforms your ordinary lunch into an extraordinary dining experience. Dive into the rich flavors of Rasam, a tangy tamarind soup that tantalizes your taste buds. Pair it with Sambar, a hearty lentil-based stew loaded with vegetables, creating a symphony of textures.

For those craving the warmth of home-cooked chicken, our Chicken Curry is a savory delight, featuring tender pieces infused with aromatic spices. And to add a coastal touch, savor the exquisite Malabar Fish Curry, where fish is bathed in a coconut-infused curry, creating a culinary masterpiece.

As a token of appreciation, relish a complimentary Fish Fry, perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection.

The Lunch Bliss Combo Set from Shaaz Foods is more than a meal; it’s a celebration of flavors, traditions, and the joy of good food. Order now and let your lunch break be a moment of culinary indulgence!

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