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Dinner Combo Set – Free Chicken Fry Masala

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Introducing our Dinner Combo Set – a delightful ensemble for your evenings. Enjoy:

Chilli Gobi (300g), Butter Paneer Masala (300g), Chicken Stew (240g) andChicken Pepper Roast (240g)

Bonus: Free 100g Chicken Fry Masala!

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Embark on a culinary escapade with our Dinner Combo Set, meticulously crafted to bring a variety of flavors to your table.

Chilli Gobi (300g):
Savor the crunch and spice of Chilli Gobi, where cauliflower florets meet a symphony of spices, creating a delightful appetizer or side dish.

Butter Paneer Masala (300g):
Luxuriate in the creamy richness of Butter Paneer Masala. Succulent paneer bathed in a buttery tomato sauce – a true indulgence for your taste buds.

Chicken Stew (240g):
Experience comfort in a bowl with our Chicken Stew. Tender chicken, assorted vegetables, and a flavorful broth come together for a heartwarming meal.

Chicken Pepper Roast (240g):
For those seeking a bold and peppery flavor, the Chicken Pepper Roast delivers. Marinated and roasted chicken perfection awaits your palate.

Bonus treat! We’re including a complimentary 100g pack of our special Chicken Fry Masala, so you can add an extra kick to your culinary creations.

Available in sizes that serve 2-3, this Dinner Combo Set from Shaaz Foods promises to make your evenings extraordinary — a celebration of taste, tradition, and togetherness.

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