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Malabar Fish Curry + Chicken Manchurian

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Experience the rich flavors of Malabar Fish Curry and the spicy indulgence of Beef Varattiyathu in one irresistible combo offer. Limited-time sale!


Embark on a flavor-filled journey with our unique Malabar Fish Curry + Chicken Manchurian Combo offer. Savor the authentic taste of Malabar cuisine with our fish curry, featuring succulent fish pieces simmered in a fragrant coconut-spice blend. Pair it with the zingy notes of Chicken Manchurian, a popular Indo-Chinese favorite, boasting tender chicken bites in a savory, tangy sauce. This combo bridges two culinary worlds, delivering a dining experience that’s both exciting and indulgent.

Taste the Fusion: Explore the fusion of coastal and Indo-Chinese flavors in one delightful combo.

Quality Ingredients: We ensure premium ingredients to deliver the true essence of Malabar and Indo-Chinese cuisine.

Easy Preparation: Our instant gravy products make creating these dishes a breeze.

Limited-Time Feast: Don’t miss out on this extraordinary combo offer at an exclusive price.


Enjoy the best of both worlds without the hassle! Our instant gravy products ensure you can relish the goodness of Malabar Fish Curry and the zest of Chicken Manchurian with ease.


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